Our Process


Being alone in the process of change doesn’t produce the best results. Our first step begins as we listento you with purpose. You are no longer alone, you nowhave the opportunity to articulate your ideas and goals. We will ask questions tohelp you ‘Drill Deeper’ so you can be your most creative and effective. We will use proven techniques and tools toprompt the insight needed for you to move ahead toward your desired goals. We will guide you as you design specific actionable steps, along with your timeline of achievement. We will provide “Affirming Accountability” to help you stay on track as you move forward. Because you are created with a discerning eye and insightful mind, as you respond to the unfolding right before yourvisionary eyeswith clarity, and the thrill of hope.

Here is our process for achieving this…



Together we will determine the specific areas whereinformation, understanding, and skills are needed to fulfill your goal.These are ‘Growth Areas”, they are disguisedopportunities, they arehidden elements of what you need to learn in order to reach your goal. They can be seen as part of your ‘Life University’.The greatest version of you, ison your horizon as you engage in the ‘Mastery of Learning’ as your first step to reaching your goal/s.


As you have “Ah Ha” moments of insight, they become like an ever – strengthening magnet pulling you toward your next step of formation and application. We will walk with you on your journey toward discerning, defining, and quantifyingwhat successlooks like for you.


So now you know what you need, but you’re not sure how to build it. We will help you systematize so you can spend as little time as possible stuck doing the mundane, and focus of achieving your goals. What’s the point in creating success if it’s too cumbersome to maintain?


As your inspirationcontinues to ‘Kick into Gear’,we will help you keep and increase your forward moving momentum so you are truly moving into a new paradigm of life with behaviors that with repetition will cause it to become a long-lasting pattern in your life and business.
Let’s admit it…we all have tunnel vision. We all can get stuck because we’ve lost sight of the big picture. We strive so hard,we get caught up in the flurry of life’s activity and feel as though we keep missingthe target. Why? Because we need an outside viewpoint to help us see what we can’t see, learn what we need to know, discover opportunities and insights, and make our goals a reality.