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The process begins with 3 FREE sessions for business coaching (1 Free session for Life Coaching Clients). A tool will be provided to assess your current personal, career, and business vitality through our patent-pending system. We assess your future vision and goals to ensure clarity of direction, while determining strategies to develop an effective roadmap. This insightful and deliberate approach from the beginning places your needs and goals front and center of our coaching. You are always in the ‘drivers seat’, prompting the direction of our coaching based on your current need. Clients tell us they want — and need — affirming accountability to help them stay on track and keep their momentum focused and moving forward. By engaging these proven and effective elements from the very beginning, we believe you can make an informed decision as to whether coaching is a right fit for you. We believe by the end of the last free session, you will have a clear picture of how coaching will impact your business, career, life and relationships.