DO COACHES MAKE THE DIFFERENCE? You’re in the trenches of life – relationships, career, and business. Day after day you trudge along. You’re captive to what people want from you, not who you are. Where has your inspiration gone? How much longer can you, will you, continue on this path?



Your work should produce freedom, time and money. Higher Impact is a business and life coaching company focused on helping entrepreneurs, influencers, leaders, YOU — to reach your full potential and goals. This is YOUR life you are building. Why not make it a life worth living and remembering?



True success is not defined by someone falling into a lucky streak, but from the small behaviors repeated consistently over time. The greatest people of all time had a strong ‘WHY’ behind them, a hefty dose of failing forward, persisting through challenges, and doing the small behaviors that they knew would, if done consistently, lead to success.



Your legacy is the only thing that can stand long after you’re gone. Money fades, power fades, but how people remember you by the impact you had in their lives can stand for eternity. If you don’t know, or haven’t created your life legacy statement, then now’s the time to define it with purpose and clarity.

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Randy Miller

Life & Business Coach, Frederick, Maryland
I have lived in the Washington D.C. area for more than 30 years, and currently live in Frederick, Maryland with my wife Patty. I’m the father 4 adult children, and the grandfather of four. I’ve traveled as an onsite trainer with the nationally known business and organization training company Fred Pryor and Career-Track, training leadership and management groups such as NSA Logistics managers, Shell Oil Distribution Managers, U.S. Department of Education Annual Planning Conference, just to name a few. Some of my signature topics are Coaching, Mentoring and Team Building, Professional Communication, The Power of Personality, as well as a variety of other management, leadership and communication topics. I’m a Prepare-Enrich Certified Marriage Coach; Whole Heart Certified Grief and Loss Coach with emphasis in a variety of losses (job, career, demotion and promotion, divorce, relationship/s, death, and more). My background includes Mortgage Banking, Sales, Land Development, Residential and Commercial Construction, Management, Leadership, Church Ministry, and On-Air Radio experience. I provide life, business and marriage coaching, consulting and mentoring.


The resources below are titles from my personal library which I often refer to in my work with business, life, and relationship clients. Sadly, due to a flood a few years ago, many of my books and resources were damaged beyond saving. These are a few from my remaining books, roughly 250, that are preferred resources that I use in coaching and training.
Even though these resources are phenomenal in and of themselves, research has shown that Coaching increases the effectiveness of resources and training when coaching is part of the change strategy. “Coaching increased performance 4 1/2 times as much as training alone.” (Oliver et. al. 1997, and Strayer and Rossett, 1994). See Leadership Coaching: Stoltzfus pg. 38.
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Our Testimonials

Randy shared ‘Crucial Conversations’ and ‘Coaching in the Moment’ with our call center management team. He was able to modify the material and presentation to meet our time commitments and specific needs. He is an engaging speaker with a wealth of knowledge and experience that enabled him to use memorable analogies, offer additional resources and provide easy follow up actions to help the learned material become new behaviors! I highly recommend Randy Miller Business & Life Coaching for improving your personal and / or work life!
Ree S.
I appreciate Randy’s attentiveness and wisdom. He is an effective listener, quickly understands my needs, and offers sound advice and solutions that I may have never considered on my own. I’m sure he’s very busy, but I never feel rushed; I always feel like he’s fully there for me.
Steve L.
Working with Randy has been invaluable. I especially appreciate his professionalism, flexibility, and drive for results. He has an unassuming and non-judgemental approach which makes him easy to converse with. When I talk, he is actually listening and addressing my needs; and most importantly he has earned my trust. It is apparent that his experience provides a lot of insights into his deductions, problem solving, and purposeful solutions; but he also has an innate intuition when it comes to getting to the crux of issues and areas for improvement. I use some of the tools he provided me regularly and plan to work with him again in the future. I was referred to him through my husband and I am very glad for it.
Taral F.
Awesome experience! I went in thinking I knew what I needed, and Randy gave me what I actually needed! Not just with my personal life, but my professional life as well! I would recommend Randy to anyone for his coaching abilities!!!
Mark C.
In 2008 we organized our church, and from the beginning I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to have Randy Miller as my mentor and life coach.
Randy’s coaching has helped us immensely to grow as individuals, and continuously fulfill our goals and dreams.
Randy believes every person has genius inside of them. Genius is where your passion and your abilities collide. I love how he’s able to ask strategic questions to help draw out your genius. Whatever your goals are, or how you define success for you, Randy’s able to help you tap into that, and allow you to realize the greatness that’s inside of you. I would encourage you to allow him to hear your dream, your passion, your calling, and help you identify a way to align yourself with your passion and giftedness. I believe it will be a tremendous help to you. I believe it will be one of the greatest investments you will make in you. I know he believes in me, and he believes in my dream. I think every last one of us deserves someone who believes in us. God bless you.
Darren G.
My name is Naomi Wethje. I’m a Mary Kay Pink Cadillac Sales Director with Randy’s help.
I’ve been building my Mary Kay business for about twelve years. About four years ago I felt pretty stuck. I wasn’t really sure what I needed to do in order to take it to the next level and earn my pink Cadillac. It had been a goal of mine for a really long time, and I just felt like I could never get there. I wasn’t really sure what was holding me back. What I found while meeting with Randy was he really helped me break things down to know what I needed to do. He also really helped me with coaching my team, and learning how to relate to other people, customers, and my team members. I’m really grateful for his business coaching and his guidance. I feel like I’ve made a shift in my thinking and in my business, with over 150% increase in growth over the past year and I know that had a lot to do with Randy’s business coaching. So, I would definitely recommend him. He’s very gifted and able to relate to you, and help you implement things in your business that really takes it to the next level. I definitely recommend him. Thank you Randy for all your help and guidance!
Naomi W.

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Finding The Right Package That Fits You


  • $250/month (includes 2 hours of in-person, virtual, or phone sessions – as well as unlimited text and e-mail communication)
    Coaching will take you on a journey of discovery, learning, and action.
    There are as many reasons to seek coaching as there are those seeking growth, or change. You may feel stuck, or that you’ve lost your way. You may be seeking clarity, or support as you take on a challenge, like starting a business, launching a new career, seeking promotion or a job change, increased education or certification, or maybe it’s something larger than anything you’ve attempted before. You feel deeply that there’s more, a future version of yourself that you are excited about becoming.
    We begin by listening to understand who you are, and where you want to be. Second, through the coaching relationship a customized plan and strategy can be designed to help you reach your goals. Because your background, experience, perspective, gifts and values are unique, our process and approach will be unique to your needs and goals.
    What is the challenge you want to conquer? When do you want to start?
    A few available topics and tools:
  • Time / Life Balance
  • Focus & Clarity
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Development
  • Effective Behaviors
  • Life Goal Development
  • Life Legacy and Purpose
  • Affirming Accountability
  • Improved Self Discipline
  • Personality Assessment
  • Work Style Assessment
  • Leadership Development
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Communication Improvement
  • Marriage and Relationship Assessment
  • Tool Library and Suggested Resources


  • $500-$1,200 per month
    Consulting, coaching and training are a dynamic process and relationship. By their nature it is difficult to quote a fee without first hearing what your needs are. As executives, business owners and professionals, we understand that positive outcome is the most important element of your company’s investment of resources. It is our goal to provide services that will increase your bottom line while enhancing working relationships and effectiveness. Although time is an obvious commodity, it is not the determining factor of success; experience, perspective, and coaching expertise will produce and increase your return on investment.
    Typically, an investment ranging from $500-$1,200 per month will produce the desired outcomes. The frequency and duration of a typical coaching/training session/s will determine the fee structure. The fees can include in person or virtual meetings, phone calls, emails and text messages. The fees usually do not include travel or materials.
    This program provides consulting, coaching and accountability needed as a Business Owner, Sr. Manager, and Executive, and can engage your team. The coverage is broad and flexible, allowing you to select specific systems or processes, build team unity, improve sales closure rates, hire the right employees, and find more customers, or have a better marketing plan. Determining your needs and goals, while collaborating and developing your strategy as we plan together using the tools and strategies below:
    Available Resources
  • Business Vitality Dashboard
  • Business Flow Improvement
  • High Level Processes
  • Time Balance System
  • Accountability
  • Delegation Plan/s
  • Sales & Marketing Automation
  • Business Vitality Dashboard
  • Team Personality Assessment / Training
  • Team Engagement
  • New Business Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Risk Assessments
  • Library of tools and suggested Resources
  • Strategic Planning
  • Full System/s and Process Review
  • Library of tools, exercises and suggested Resources

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

The process begins with 3 FREE sessions for business coaching (1 Free session for Life Coaching Clients). A tool will be provided to assess your current personal, career, and business vitality through our patent-pending system. We assess your future vision and goals to ensure clarity of direction, while determining strategies to develop an effective roadmap. This insightful and deliberate approach from the beginning places your needs and goals front and center of our coaching. You are always in the ‘drivers seat’, prompting the direction of our coaching based on your current need. Clients tell us they want — and need — affirming accountability to help them stay on track and keep their momentum focused and moving forward. By engaging these proven and effective elements from the very beginning, we believe you can make an informed decision as to whether coaching is a right fit for you. We believe by the end of the last free session, you will have a clear picture of how coaching will impact your business, career, life and relationships.